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Digital NL/ DPM
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B110 Combat Smock - Digital NL/ DPM

The B110 is a showerproof combat smock used by many special forces around the world. It hasn’t got a..

£135.00 Ex Tax: £112.50

A110 Hot Climate Shirt - Digital NL/ DPM

The new A110 Shirt has been in development for over a year. We’ve gone back and forth with vari..

£75.00 Ex Tax: £62.50

C111 Combat Trousers - Digital DPM/ NL

C111 COMBAT TROUSERThe external shell is exactly the same as the C310, however this pant lacks the i..

£85.00 Ex Tax: £70.83

C130 Reinforced Combat Trousers - Digital DPM / Netherlands

C130The C130 trousers are exactly the same as the C111, however these trousers include 1000 Den..

£95.00 Ex Tax: £79.17