About Us


The Arktis brand has been going since the 80’s and was founded by an ex Royal Marine. Their original goal was simple, to create an alternative to the British standard issue military gear. Something that would be far superior, comfortable, durable and functional. Today, Arktis manufacture all types of specialist clothing & equipment for tough military units, police forces, security personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.
We’ve driven the jackets onto airstrips to meet waiting aeroplanes and sent boxes away to strange places both in the icy north and in hot deserts. What we make also works pretty well at home on a bad day.
The ethics of master craft is to build hands-on, and examine the things you make. Arktis are totally committed to quality. We are incredibly grateful and thank our customers for sticking with us. It has allowed us to further develop our products, and create new innovations, and work on some really amazing projects.
We look forward to the future, after all, it’s only been thirty years!

Please be aware of fake/ knockoff Arktis products on the market. Our garments are branded as either 'Arktis' or 'ArkAir'. Any brands/ clothing with similar names are likely to be fake and is not associated with us. We usually put year of manufacture labels in our garments, if you are unsure please contact us.